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Top Leadership Podcast

The Leadership Launchpad Project podcast is Canada's #3 top leadership podcast, bringing you groundbreaking strategies from global experts in leadership, business, psychology, and sports. Join Rob Kalwarowsky and co-host Susan Hobson each week as they uncover valuable insights to enhance your leadership skills. Gain actionable tips, mindset shifts, and innovative approaches to excel in your career. Whether you're a seasoned leader or aspiring to be one, this podcast offers the inspiration and knowledge you need to elevate your leadership game. Tune in to the Leadership Launchpad Project, and unlock your leadership potential today!

How to Become a Successful Leader in 2023 & Beyond

Internal Family Systems for Leadership with Dr. Richard Schwartz

The Hero's Journey with Sunny Strasburg

How to Become an Authentic Leader with David Irvine

Reach your Potential with Susan Hobson & Rob Kalwarowsky

Ep 131 Are You On Track To Your Legacy?

6 Types of BAD Bosses and How NOT to Be One

The Journey to TEDx Talk with Rob Kalwarowsky

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Guest Articles

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