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What if My Asshole Boss is Passive Aggressive?

The passive aggressive managers don’t do the work, don’t take responsibility, and hide their lack of leadership skills by being arrogant and unfair. They’re the kind of boss who says “I saw someone texting during a meeting today. From now on, everyone keeps their phones in the lockers!”

The passive-aggressive bosses are like a Chihuahua who will bark behind your back but when you turn around, they scatter in fear.

It is important to know the Signs of a passive aggressive boss. They don’t do direct confrontation and they may ‘agree’ with things you say to them, but they’ll only stick to their word when it makes them look good.

You can try to set boundaries and you can be direct with them but ultimately, they’ve spent an entire lifetime being passive-aggressive so you won’t win.

Do you have a Passive-Aggressive boss? 8.2% of the workforce does.

Would it be crazy if you took action to deal with your a**hole boss?

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