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Book Rob as a Speaker

Drew Troyer

Principal Director, Accenture

Really amazing keynote, Rob. It was a very moving and relatable message. Thank you for sharing. It was a privilege to attend your session and to finally meet you in person. I hope to stay in contact with you.

Chris Carroll

CEO - The Eventful Group

Rob!  You are so generous with your wisdom and your time.  A HUGE thank you for your inspirational Keynote, it will stay with me. Thank you for all you contributed to MAINSTREAM event. Keep up the incredible work you're doing.

James Novak

CEO - Fiix Software

Rob! That was a fantastic session, we got multiple feedback comments saying how awesome it was, and how much they enjoyed the mix of leadership + personal commentary. One of the best speaker sessions we’ve had at Fiix, so thank you again.

Rob is a dynamic and impactful speaker who ignites transformation in his audiences. With a focus on leadership, tips on managing a high-performance team, common leadership mistakes, mental health, and finding purpose, Rob shares wise insights that resonate deeply. He creates an intimate and caring space, no matter the audience size, infusing his talks with humor and research. 

Looking to make a lasting impact at your event, company, or media interview? Book Rob as a speaker to inspire and empower your audience. With his expertise in leadership, mental health, and purpose, Rob brings valuable insights and engaging storytelling to captivate listeners. Whether you're seeking a dynamic keynote, a podcast guest or an insightful panelist, Rob's expertise will elevate your event or interview.


Limited Spots Available - Don't miss the opportunity to have an inspirational, wise, funny, professional speaker to engage your audience and leave them raving about your event.  Fill out the form below today!

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