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How to Deal with Your Bad Boss

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Wondering how to deal with bad managers?

Dealing with a bad boss isn’t a black or white decision like many articles leave you to believe.

Yes, ultimately the decision boils down to staying or leaving but there are nuances.

You can stay and do nothing, you can stay and set boundaries, you can stay and coach your boss to give you what you need.

For leaving, you can make an internal transfer, find another job externally, quit without another job/income, start your own business or even take mental health/sick leave (I went on short term disability when I was working with my a**hole boss and it helped).

There are many choices and many considerations like family, finances, personal situation, your mental/physical health, the negative impact of your boss and more.

Here’s the best thing about your situation.

You have the power of choice to decide what you want to do to make you feel better in this moment and set yourself up to become the person you want to be.

You can choose.

Don’t be like me and hope for someone to tell you what to do. I waited and it almost killed me.

Now, I have the tools to support you in making your choice and support the bad bosses in seeing that there’s a better way.

Would it be crazy if you took action to deal with your a**hole boss?

We’re giving you $50 off the How to Deal with an A**hole program. Use the COUPON CODE: HTDWAB50 to get $50 off. Get started on dealing with your bad boss right now.

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