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Do you have a Passive Egocentric boss?

“My boss takes credit for my work” is a common statement we hear at the workplace. If they do it in front of you, it’s the Abusive Narcissist or Arrogant & Violent bosses. If they take credit behind your back then they are the Passive Egocentric boss, who just wants to get ahead and claim all success as their own, but they avoid confrontation while doing it.

They are the ones who say “it doesn’t matter who gets credit for the work”. They’re telling you that they’re going to take the credit and push the blame, but they’ll do it in the shadows.

10.1% of the workforce has a Passive Egocentric boss.

The end result is pretty shocking. Only 34.9% of the working-age population works for a boss who is a good boss.

What type of boss do you have? Hit reply and let me know!

Would it be crazy if you took action to deal with your a**hole boss?

We’re giving you $50 off the How to Deal with an A**hole program. Use the COUPON CODE: HTDWAB50 to get $50 off. Get started on dealing with your bad boss right now.

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