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What is a Cowardly Manager?

Not all a**hole bosses are aggressive bullies. Some bosses take the complete opposite approach, behaving as a passive boss. There are 2 types of passive types, cowardly bosses and messy bosses.

It is important to recognize the signs of a passive boss. These cowardly bosses or ghost managers who shy away from confrontation, lack interest in their company, and fail to support employees when needed. Shockingly, 7.9% of the workforce has to deal with a cowardly manager.

These bosses are always hiding in their office with the door closed or are so busy, they can’t possibly make a decision or meet with you.

You can spot them by their trademark phrases “I don’t want to get involved, that’s upper management’s decision”, “I don’t want to be a micromanager, why don’t you figure it out?” and “I watched the Steve Jobs documentary, he hired the best people and let them run. You’re the expert, figure it out”.

They aren’t out to get you like the bullies. They may feel Imposter Syndrome or feel like they don’t know enough to make decisions. Sometimes, they may not be aware enough to understand that it’s having a negative impact on you.

Would it be crazy if you took action to deal with your a**hole boss?

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