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What Type of Asshole Boss Do You Have?

What does the stereotypical bad boss look like?

What’s a famous bad manager? For example, a boss like Gordon Ramsay?

The classic warning signs of a bad boss are easy to recognize - arrogance, unfairness, verbal or physical aggression, and a tendency to punish subordinates for not meeting their unreasonable demands.

And these bosses do exist.

So when other bosses watch Masterchef they can easily conclude: Well I’m not Gordon Ramsay, so I must be doing a great job!

And that’s kind of the problem.

Because not all bad bosses are like Gordon.

In fact, there was a groundbreaking study done two years ago by Swedish researchers. They didn’t just look at destructive leadership in general, but dug deep to find out what really makes bad bosses tick.

And you know what they found?

They found that the Gordon Ramsay traits were only encountered by 5.5% of the workforce.

In fact, the researchers were able to identify 7 completely different types of leaders. So your bad boss might not behave like Gordon Ramsay but they could still be an a**hole.

Would it be crazy if you took action to deal with your a**hole boss?

We’re giving you $50 off the How to Deal with an A**hole program. Use the COUPON CODE: HTDWAB50 to get $50 off. Get started on dealing with your bad boss right now.

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