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What if my boss isn’t arrogant and violent?

You might be dealing with an abusive narcissist manager. They are among the most prevalent types of bad bosses.

These leaders exhibit narcissistic manager traits. They are ego-oriented, often breaking their promises, lacking trust in their employees, and taking credit for their work. Furthermore, they resort to threats and punishments to maintain control, prioritizing their self-interest above all else. These behaviors are clear signs of a narcissistic boss.

These are the bosses that take credit for a successful project and blame you for any delays, missed milestones or any issues.

They are quick to put others down so they can feel like the biggest person in the room.

They are bullies in bigger bodies with bigger responsibilities.

Have you had a boss like that?

Almost 20% of employees have.

Would it be crazy if you took action to deal with your a**hole boss?

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